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The Orange County Police Canine Association snared "www.ocpca.org" before us, so we're "www.ocpca.net".
This page was last updated on: July 15, 2018
Orange County Peace Corps Association
According to  Glenn Blumhorst,  President  NPCA

The year 2014 began with a great start with the passage of the Peace Corps Commemorative thanks in large part to the tireless advocacy efforts of RPCVs across the U.S. This was followed by a highly successful National Day of Action, in which over 100 RPCVs (some of whom hail from California!) spent the day on Capitol Hill meeting with their representatives and making the case for a strong and independent Peace Corps. 
We have kept the Peace Corps community informed and connected through the NPCAs award-winning quarterly magazine, WorldView, and our monthly e-newsletter which reaches more than 45,000 people.
We have made huge strides in our Find the 250K Campaign, an effort to track down the 250,000 Americans who have served or worked for the Peace Corps. We currently have 89,000 individuals on record!
And, we are looking forward to Peace Corps Connect which will be held in Nashville this year from June 20-21, 2014. This is our 3rd annual gathering, the largest gathering of RPCVs, and we hope you will join us for an exciting weekend of events, speakers and awards.
To learn what the NPCA is all about, click on Peace Corps Connect.