Orange County Peace Corps Association

Become A Teacher   -  Math, Science and English teachers are all in demand.

The California Department of Teaching Credentials will waive the education class and student teaching requirements for a teachers’ license for RPCVs who spent two years in the Peace Corps working full-time as a teacher.  You have to produce your official Description of Service.  Although it is normally a pre-requisite, you can also postpone passing the CBEST, a math and verbal aptitude test, for up to one year.  You get a “clear” credential, either temporary or probationary.  The temporary is for those who have not had recent teaching experience and they need to be evaluated after one year to get a probationary.  The probationary is for two years after which time it becomes “permanent”.
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Don't you just wish you knew another way to help someone  -     Take heart
Click on Corazon and check the various ways there are to help right here in Laguna Hills. 
Orange County Peace Coalition

The mission of this local organization is to advocate the peaceful resolution of international conflicts and that this ideal become a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy.
To find out more and learn about the events available for your participation visit

The LARO maintains a RPCV Job Search Center in the El Segundo office. Newly returned Volunteers are welcome to use this facility,  computers and duplicating equipment  to search for jobs. The LARO also has current printed job openings and computerized search sources from local, county, state and federal agencies and non-profits to share.  This service is available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. any day that is a regular work day for federal employees. Call ahead and make sure a computer is free by dialing 310-356-1100.

Information provided by:

Los Angeles Regional Office of the Peace Corps
2361 Rosecrans, #155 El Segundo, CA 90245
310-356-1103 or 310-261-2129

In an effort to revitalize earlier calls to double the Peace Corps, the five Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in the House of Representatives introduced legislation to double funding over the next four years.  For complete Background Information and ways to Take Action and participate go to MorePeaceCorps.

RPCVs who are interested in returning to the PC for a 3 - 6 month assignment should visit
PC Response for a program overview then search and apply for a short term position.
Ethiopian Historic Conservation Council
For information about this local organization and how to provide support or to participate visit
Would you like to help in rebuilding the lives of the hungry and homeless in Orange County. Then click on Pathways of Hope and check the various ways to help.  RPCV Maria Mazzenga Avellaneda, the Executive Director, was a volunteer in Costa Rica
PCV 3rd goal project - Peace Corps Language Archive

Ray Blakney, RPCV Mexico (06-08), has created an online archive to keep the language training materials made all over the world from getting lost. Currently he has close to 100 languages with ebooks, audios and even some videos.  It is all 100% free to use and share. To get started with a language click on Archive and select one to study.
Do you live in the Inland Empire and want to help provide a warm and caring environment where homeless, runaway, and underserved youth can congregate and receive much needed love, hugs, and essential services. Then click on YouthHope and check the various ways to help.  RPCV Kaitlin Ruppert, Republic of Georgia G12, 2012-2014 volunteers there.