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Third Goal

“To help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.” - Third Goal of the Peace Corps

Here you will find local and national programs, events, activities, and resources to help you fulfill the Third Goal of the Peace Corps.


We strongly encourage all members to continue to fulfill the third goal.

We hope to get any interested new member to give a brief presentation for the OCPCA group upon their return from service.  We are happy to have the excuse to get together in one of our member's homes and learn about your time overseas.  Many members use these meetings to hone their presentations to share through Speakers Match program.  

Speakers Match

Peace Corps provides Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) opportunities to speak about peoples and cultures from around the globe to any group that requests a speaker. RPCVs have enriching stories to tell that can engage audiences, teach them about different cultures, and help them become more curious about the world outside of their home.


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Speakers Match Resources:

Tell Peace Corps About Your Third Goal Activity

When you tell Peace Corps about your Third Goal activity, they'll send you a Third Goal Kit full of Peace Corps promotional materials!

More Third Goal Resources

Check out Peace Corps' website for even more ideas and resources for Third Goal activities!